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Gribi Associates has managed and/or supervised the design, construction, and implementation of numerous remediation pilot tests and full-scale projects throughout the Bay Area and the West. Remediation methods have included excavation and either onsite treatment or offsite disposal, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, ozone injection, groundwater extraction, in-situ bioremediation, in-situ application of electron acceptors, and passive and active free product removal.

Successful soil and groundwater remediation requires:

• Adequate characterization of the nature and extent of contamination
• Definition of remediation goals & establishment of realistic cleanup levels
• Thorough evaluation of remedial options, through field pilot tests if required
• Efficient operation and maintenance of the remediation system, once installed
• Knowing "when to turn the system off."

Our broad experience with remediation, as well as our broad range of disciplines, allows us to manage each step of the remediation in order to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.